This antibiotic is an oxazolidinone, which is used to treat specific types of bacterial infections. This drug works to eliminate microorganisms from the body.


How to Use?

Take Linezolid precisely as your doctor prescribes. Do not take more or less than your doctor has prescribed. As directed, take Linezolid at regular intervals. Make sure you don't miss any doses. Even if you feel better, keep taking it. You must finish the whole antibiotic course. If you don't, the infection won't go away entirely. Linezolid can be taken with or without meals. If you've been handed the pill, drink a glass of water and swallow it whole. If the syrup has been provided to you, flip the bottle over 3-5 times to gently mix it. The bottle should not be shaken.


Side Effects?



Skin Color: Pale

Rash on the Skin


Vomiting Or Nausea


Irregular Heartbeat is a condition in which the heart beat is irregular.

Taste Adaptation

Trouble Sleeping



This medication's dose varies from person to person. Depending on your medical history, age, gender, and condition, your doctor may prescribe a dose. Adults, on the other hand, often get 600 mg orally or intravenously to treat bacterial infections. Over the course of 14-28 days, it must be taken every 12 hours. Children's doses are also around 10 mg every 8 hours for 14-28 days.


How Does it Works?

This antibiotic, which is a synthetic, belongs to the Oxazolidinones family of antimicrobials. It stops bacteria from growing and reproducing by interfering with their capacity to make proteins.


When You Should Talk to Your Doctor?

You have underlying medical diseases such as high blood pressure, thyroid issues, psychological disorders including disorientation, liver or renal issues, and so on.
If you're anaemic or if you bruise or bleed easily, you're anaemic.
You've had a lot of fits in the past.
You're having issues with your eyes, such as hazy vision or a shift in colour vision.
If you experience diarrhoea after using this medication, you should stop taking it immediately.

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