The antihypertensive medicine Bosentas 125Mg pill is used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension, a disorder marked by high blood pressure in the veins that deliver blood from the heart to the lungs. This medication aids in the slowing of disease development and the improvement of exercise tolerance. Female patients should have a pregnancy test before commencing therapy with this drug to rule out pregnancy. However, the above-mentioned applications are not complete; your doctor may prescribe the prescription for other reasons at his or her discretion.




How it Works?

Bosentan is an endothelin receptor blocker that prevents endothelin, a naturally occurring chemical that causes blood vessels to contract, from acting. The pressure in the lungs' blood arteries rises as a result of this constriction. The Bosentas pill works by relaxing these blood arteries and increasing blood flow to the lungs.


Side Effects

swollen ankles
Edema is a condition in which the body's (swelling)
Anemia is a condition in which a person (low number of red blood cells)
Infection of the respiratory tract



A blood test for liver function should be done on a regular basis.

Low haemoglobin levels should be examined on a regular basis since they might indicate anaemia.

For women of reproductive age, a pregnancy test is a requirement.





Q.Is BOSENTAS 125MG compatible with sildenafil?

No, you should not take sildenafil and bosentan at the same time since it increases the chance of negative effects.

Q.Is it safe to use BOSENTAS 125MG when pregnant?

It is not advised for use in pregnant women since it has the potential to damage unborn children conceived before or during therapy. Your doctor will recommend a contraceptive technique that is right for you.

Q.Is it safe to use BOSENTAS 125MG while breastfeeding?

No. Because it is unknown if this medication goes into breast milk, it is not advised for use in nursing women.

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