What is?

The drug Ranozex Tablet ER is used to treat angina (heart-related chest pain). It helps to prevent future angina attacks, but it does not halt an acute attack that has already begun. It improves chest discomfort by improving the efficiency of the heart.




Chronic angina can be treated with Ranozex 500. (Chest pain).

Angina attacks can be avoided with the use of this medication.


Side Effects

a general feeling of exhaustion or a lack of energy


When You Should Talk to Doctor

You have issues with your liver or kidneys.

You've reached the age of 60.

You have a cardiac condition, such as heart failure, or you've ever had an irregular heart rhythm.

You don't weigh more than 60 kg.

Patients under the age of 18 should not be given this medication.




The dosage should be determined by your doctor depending on your age, medical history, and current health. In adults, the standard dosage for treating Angina Pectoris is 500 mg given two times a day orally. Depending on the patient's reaction to therapy, the dose may be raised to 1000 mg per day.


How it Works?

Ranozex 500mg Tablets ER is an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor. It works by relaxing the cardiac muscle, which lowers the heart's oxygen demand.



Ranozex prevents future angina attacks but does not halt an existing one. At rest or during activity, has no effect on heart rate or blood pressure. In diabetic patients, it lowers HbA1c and blood sugar levels. If you feel dizzy after taking Ranozex, don't drive or use machinery. Changes in the ECG may occur (QTc interval prolongation). An ECG should be performed 1 to 2 weeks after commencing Ranozex. If you are taking any additional drugs in addition to Ranozex, tell your doctor.



Keep away from direct sunlight and dampness in a cool, dry location.

Keep it out of the reach of youngsters and dogs.

Ensure that any medicine that has not been used is appropriately disposed of.

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