Eltrombopag, which belongs to the family of 'thrombopoietin receptor agonists,' is included in Revolade 25 mg Tablet 7. Thrombopoietin is a glycoprotein hormone that controls platelet synthesis and increases the creation of megakaryocytes (large bone marrow cells). Revolade 25 mg Tablet 7 works by raising the number of these big bone marrow cells that produce platelets. As a result, Revolade 25 mg Tablet 7 aids in the growth of these bone marrow cells, promoting the production of platelets and lowering the risk of bleeding.



Treats low platelet counts (immune thrombocytopenia) in adults and children aged 1 year and older who have failed to respond to previous treatments.

Adults with hepatitis C virus infections who are unable to get interferon therapy are treated for thrombocytopenia with this medication.

In adults, it is used to treat low blood counts caused by severe aplastic anaemia.


Side Effects

Infection of the upper respiratory tract
Increased levels of liver enzymes
Muscle ache
Infection of the urinary tract


When not to Use?

have significant liver dysfunction and are allergic to eltrombopag or any of the medication's components


How to Use?

Follow your doctor's instructions on the dosage and duration of this medication. Take it all in at once. It should not be chewed, crushed, or broken. The Revolade 25mg Tablet should be consumed on an empty stomach.


How it Wroks?

A thrombopoietin agonist, Revolade 25mg Tablet is used to treat anaemia. It works by causing new platelets to develop in the bloodstream. Platelets aid in the reduction or prevention of bleeding.

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