What is

Brilinta is a prescription drug used to treat the signs and symptoms of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) and Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) (CAD). Brilinta can be taken alone or in combination with other drugs.

Brilinta belongs to the Antiplatelet Agents, Cardiovascular class of medicines.

Brilinta's safety and effectiveness in youngsters are unknown.


Side Effects

Bleeding due to a blood condition
Uric acid levels have risen (Hyperuricaemia)
Breathing difficulties
Lower your blood pressure.
Stomach, intestinal, skin, and nose bleeding.




Brilinta 90mg Tablet is also used to treat persons who have had a recent heart attack or who have severe heart-related chest discomfort (unstable angina) and have had their heart stented. It helps to avoid significant heart-related complications in such persons, such as another heart attack, stroke, or blood clots in stents.




Safety During Taking Brilinta ticagrelor Tablets 90mg

Follow your doctor's instructions for taking BRILINTA with aspirin.
You should not take more than 100 mg of aspirin per day since it may alter how effectively BRILINTA works.
If you're using any other aspirin-containing medications, let your doctor know.
Do not take any new aspirin-containing medications.


How to Take?

The first day you start taking ticagrelor, you will only take one dosage.

Following that, most individuals take ticagrelor twice day, generally in the morning and evening.

Ticagrelor can be taken with or without meals.

Put the pill on your tongue and let it dissolve if you're taking melt-in-the-mouth tablets. After then, you can take it with or without water.


How long it takes to work?

Ticagrelor begins to act after 30 minutes after ingesting two 90mg pills.

You might not notice any changes once you start taking ticagrelor. This does not imply that the medication is ineffective.


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